Advice Books for Divorcing Parents

Judith Wallerstein, Huffington Post, 4/16/2011

If you are a parent planning to divorce, you will need the best advice you can get on preparing your children – and yourself – for the breakup and for making post-divorce plans. You will probably want to modify your plans as children grow and you and your ex remarries, so you need advice both for now and the likely future... [Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce] by Elizabeth Marquardt recounts her feelings as a sensitive little girl making her way to and from her mother's house and father's house, while trying valiantly to adjust to the different cultures in each home without losing touch with who she really is. The book will help you understand your child and how important it is for each parent to help with the transition, and to coordinate the child-rearing values and rules in both homes. Unfortunately, few parents try to coordinate child-rearing practices in the two homes.

Subjects: Marriage, Divorce, Children of divorce


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