Invisible Dads

Alisa Harris, World Magazine, 10/9/2010

Stewart's name changes reflect her search for identity and a way to connect to the father she only knows as "Donor." Her experience is echoed in the title of a recent study-"My Daddy's Name is Donor"-that contains troubling findings about the way some donor offspring view their identity and experience family relationships... The study, released by the Commission on Parenthood's Future, took a representative sample of 485 donor offspring, comparing it with groups of adopted and biological children. It found that donor-conceived children are more likely to express feelings of sadness about their conception and experience family break-up, depression, delinquency, and substance abuse. Forty-five percent of donor-conceived children say that the circumstances of their conception bother them. Sixty-five percent say that their donor is part of who they are...

Subjects: Family, Donor conception


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