The Five Secrets of Happily Married Parents

Belinda Luscombe, Time, 12/12/2011

So, should we not get married? Or not have kids? Or just be miserable? These are the questions addressed by the latest in what is becoming the annual report for Marriage, Inc.: The State of Our Unions: Marriage in America. The most recent update is called "When Baby Makes Three" ... The authors found that yes, compared with childless married couples, those with kids have lower "marital satisfaction," a measure sociologists use to determine couples' happiness. But it also found that some unusual parents are happy in their marriages after having a child – despite the fact that they have just exponentially increased their workload, never get to talk to each other anymore and have to negotiate who's going to deal with another human being's bodily waste – and discovered out how they do it.

Subjects: Family, Marriage


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