Family structure said to trump 'wanted' as key to a child's outcomes

Cheryl Wetzstein, The Washington Times, 10/26/2011

Already, leaders in family law and family diversity are calling "intentional parenthood" a good thing because all these children "are planned and wanted," said Elizabeth Marquardt, principal investigator and author of "One Parent or Five: A Global Look at Today's New Intentional Families." But what do children think about being created to live in a home that is intentionally missing a parent? Little research has been done on this, but many young adults who were conceived by anonymous sperm donation believe "it is wrong that they were intentionally denied knowledge of their father's identity," said Ms. Marquardt, who directs the Center for Marriage and Families at IAV... The IAV's groundbreaking report seeks to start a discussion about families where children have one, two, three, four and five parents. The report excludes families missing a parent because of unintended circumstances such as death of a parent, divorce, remarriage, adoption or accidental pregnancy.

Subjects: Family, Donor conception


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