Divorcing Couples With Children Often Open To Saving Marriage

Jennifer Lai interviews William J. Doherty, co-investigator of "Second Chances", Huffington Post, 10/21/2011

According to one new study, a significant number of divorcing parents were open to saving their marriage and would even try professional reconciliation services – despite having already filed for divorce. The report, released in late September, surveyed nearly 2,500 divorcing couples with children. Participants were asked, "Even at this point, do you think your divorce could be prevented if one or both of you works hard to save the marriage?" They were also asked to respond "yes," "no" or "maybe" to the following statement: "If the court offered a reconciliation service, I would seriously consider trying it" ... The study's conclusions lay the groundwork for a legislative proposal aimed to reduce the number of "unnecessary" divorces in the U.S. "The Second Chances Act," published Friday by the Institute of American Values (a conservative organization designed to "strengthen families"), proposes a one-year waiting period for divorce and mandatory education about reconciliation for couples with minor children.

Subjects: Marriage, Divorce


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