David Blankenhorn And The Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage

Mark Oppenheimer, WNPR, 6/22/2012

During the trial and in the immediate aftermath, Blankenhorn became a national figure; he was a hero to some, but the butt of ridicule from others. And now, he has decided to give up that fight. I should say that we scheduled our interview long before we knew that it would occur on the day President Obama was making his stand on same sex marriage. When we sat down in New York, Blankenhorn and I talked for over three hours. For me, the interview was exciting. I was watching someone very publicly change his mind. And that's something people almost never do. And I was pretty convinced that he was changing his mind not cynically, like a flip-flopping politician, but authentically, because he had decided that there were more important battles to be won.

Subjects: Gay marriage, Marriage


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