Anonymous Father's Day

Mike McManus, The Daily Reporter, 6/24/2012

This issue first surfaced two years ago when a report was published, "My Daddy's Name Is DONOR," by Elizabeth Marquardt, Norval Glenn and Karen Clark by the Institute for American Values in New York... Marquardt's study asked a million households if their mother used a sperm donor. Result: 485 adults said yes – 262 of whom were born to heterosexual couples, 113 to single mothers and 39 to lesbian couples. The same study assembled similar numbers of young adults who were adopted as infants and others raised by their biological parents. "Young adults conceived through sperm donation are hurting more, are more confused, and feel more isolated from their families," it concluded.

Subjects: Family, Donor conception


Institute for American Values, 420 Lexington Avenue, Room 300, New York, NY 10170-0399