Gay Marriage and the Test-Tube Tidal Wave

Alana S. Newman, First Things, 8/2/2012

I am the daughter of a sperm donor. For a long time I didn't understand how this had negatively impacted my life, until I read David Blankenhorn's Fatherless America. It was like stepping into a series of scenes from my adolescence. Never before had someone so eloquently and acutely described my personal struggles. I now staunchly defy the pro donor-conception script I was expected to embrace. Two years ago I asked for David's help in creating The Anonymous Us Project – an anonymous story collective for people involved with Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART), and he obliged. Through the stories I've received on my site and the research I have read, I am convinced that I am not alone in my struggles being donor-conceived. So I was surprised with David's new stance on same-sex marriage as described in his recent New York Times piece. I feel he underestimates, inter alia, the rapid expansion of donor-conception that will accompany same-sex marriage, and with it, many of the social ills he so diligently describes in Fatherless America.

Subjects: Donor conception, Family, Gay marriage, Marriage


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