Just How Private Should Divorce Be?

Vicki Larson., The Huffington Post, 8/13/2012

Divorce doesn't just affect a couple and their immediate family; friends, neighbors and entire communities are impacted as well, [M. Christian Green] writes in "There But for the Grace: The Ethics of Bystanders to Divorce," an article in the Institute for American Values' newsletter, "Propositions." Green suggests it may be wrong to view divorce as merely a personal choice with limited impacts. In looking at "the public effects of the divorce revolution, its implications for both the moral formation of individuals and the well-being of society, and what, if anything, organizations of government and civil society should do," divorce might be better seen as a decision that has far greater implications, she says. Like other so-called private actions, divorce may have "wider, sometimes unintended and unanticipated, effects on surrounding communities and the wider society," she states.

Subjects: Marriage, Divorce


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