David Blankenhorn's Journey

Dale Carpenter, The Volokh Conspiracy, 10/19/2012

David Blankenhorn wrote the book on opposition to gay marriage. It was highly praised by the likes of Robert P. George, Stanley Kurtz, and Maggie Gallagher. It was, I wrote at the time, the best single book making the case against SSM. Later, David was the expert witness who defended Proposition 8 in the constitutional challenge to that amendment – a case now at the certiorari stage before the Supreme Court. He spoke and debated and blogged prolifically against gay marriage. But over time his opposition softened. In June he announced that he now supported marital protection for gay families... Now David has gone a step further, cutting an ad in opposition to the Minnesota marriage amendment, which would constitutionally limit marriage to opposite-sex couples...

Subjects: Marriage, Gay marriage


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