'State of Our Unions' offers plan to shore up marriage, families

Lois M. Collins, Deseret News, 12/16/2012

Largely unnoticed and unaddressed, "middle America" is abandoning marriage, with harsh ramifications for children, stability and the future, according to a just-released national report. However, specific family- and marriage-friendly steps can turn it around, marriage proponents say. They outline their proposal in "The President's Marriage Agenda for the Forgotten Sixty Percent," the latest of the annual "The State of Our Unions" reports by the Center for Marriage and Families, which is part of the Institute for American Values... The proposals for improvement include dumping marriage penalties and disincentives that discourage unwed mothers, the poor and those who are older from marrying; increasing the child tax credit; helping young men achieve and thus become more marriageable; offering marriage education for new stepfamilies; and generally investing in relationships. Those initiatives, the report said, "would save taxpayers money and reduce suffering for children and their families."

Subjects: Family, Marriage


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