America's Exodus from Marriage

Peter Wehner, Commentary, 1/18/2013

I thought about Senator Moynihan's observation after reading "The President's Marriage Agenda for the Forgotten Sixty Percent," which is the centerpiece of the latest State of Our Unions report. This study focused on the nearly 60 percent of Americans who have completed high school but do not have a four-year college degree... All of this has profoundly negative implications–for the emotional and mental well-being of children; for America's social fabric and "civil society"; for social mobility and the gap in income inequality; and for dependency on government and costs to the state (family breakdown costs the taxpayers billions every year). The collapse of marriage in America, then, has enormous human and social ramifications. And whatever one thinks about same-sex marriage, this collapse has occurred long before any state approved marriage between gays.

Subjects: Family, Marriage


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