Gay marriage becomes an American value

Editor , Globe and Mail, 1/30/2013

David Blankenhorn has changed his mind. He no longer sees gay marriage as a threat to marriage. Far from it. He sees it as a hope for saving marriage from widespread abandonment in what he calls "middle America." ... There are no signs, Mr. Blankenhorn says, that fighting gay marriage has made marriage stronger. In the United States, 44 per cent of children born to women who have a high-school diploma but no four-year college degree were born outside marriage. "Marriage is fracturing in America," says the call for a new conversation. It's still strong among "college-educated elites," but "much larger numbers of Americans, particularly in middle- and working-class America, are abandoning the institution entirely." This hurts children and contributes to the growth of inequality, the institute says.

Subjects: Marriage, Gay marriage


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