A New Conversation on Marriage?

R.R. Reno, First Things, 1/31/2013

David Blankenhorn thinks the gay marriage debate has reached a dead end. He wants it to go in a new direction. Thus "A Call for a New Conversation on Marriage," a manifesto of sorts from the Institute for American Values. Blankenhorn wants to form a coalition of the willing to renew the culture of marriage in America. I'm sympathetic, having written in the "The Future of Marriage" (January 2013) that we need to challenge the proponents of gay marriage to support the marriage part of the agenda and not just the gay part... As I argued in "The Future of Marriage," we should be willing to join forces with anyone who will do what it takes to rebuild the culture of marriage. Coalitions to achieve specific goals don't need to agree about everything, and there's no reason why Jonathan Rauch, a board member of the Institute for American Values and signer of the Call, can't join with me to roll back no-fault divorce–or impose a divorce tax, as I've suggested in the past.

Subjects: Marriage, Gay marriage


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