"The State of Our Unions: 2012" (first of a two-part series)

Mike McManus, Virtue Online, 1/31/2013

"As recently as the 1980s, only 13 percent of the children of moderately educated mothers were born outside of marriage. By the late 2000s, this figure rose to a striking 44 percent," asserts the new annual report, "The State of Our Unions: 2012"... "The disappearance of marriage in Middle America is tracking with the disappearance of the middle class in some communities, a change that strikes at the heart of the American Dream." Yet what we are hearing "even from political and social leaders who think marriage is important is silence, tentativeness, or worse, despair. Even those who believe marriage matters seem to think that nothing can be done." Fortunately the authors - W. Bradford Wilcox and Elizabeth Marquardt, who co-direct The National Marriage Project" - "beg to differ." In fact, they developed 10 recommendations which they boldly call "The President's Marriage Agenda"... "We invite our president and our nation's leaders to confront the challenge facing marriage in Middle America," which they define as the nearly 60 percent of Americans aged 25 to 60 who have a high school, but not a four year college degree, for whom "Marriage is rapidly slipping away."

Subject: Marriage


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