A quick plug for civility

Tom Driscoll, Fall River Herald News, 4/7/2013

This morning the show's host, Krista Tippet was interviewing two men, David Blankenhorn and Jonathan Rauch, men of past plainly stated opposing views on the subject of gay marriage rights. Each of these men spoke candidly and convincingly of their genuine deeply held beliefs. None of this was new particularly. The basic range of ideas has been in stir for several years now. There were maybe one or two nuanced points to each argument I hadn't considered before. But I don't mean to make this post yet another aperture for examining the particular question of marriage equality. What was interesting – maybe even inspiring – was in the nature of the disagreement these two men managed. The way they negotiated their disagreement, it was something of a gift. Blankenhorn and Rauch referred to it as an achievement... This idea of a fundamental difference we can regard as an achievement is a strange one, I'll grant. But I think Mr. Rauch is dead on when he describes it as matter of patriotism – another way of putting it perhaps: this achieved form of difference is our duty as citizens.

Subjects: Civil Society, Marriage, Gay marriage


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