The Real Threat to Marriage: Traditionalists should stop fighting gays and refocus their attention on the no-fault divorce.

Christopher Moraff, The Philly Post, 4/18/2013

... In its "Statement of Principles" (released in 2000), The Marriage Movement – a coalition of three conservative "pro-family" organizations, including David Blankenhorn's Institute for American Values – makes no mention of homosexuality at all, or even men and women for that matter, defining marriage as a contract that "creates formal and legal obligations and rights between spouses." Even at this stage, the marriage movement was one of positive reinforcement, not denial of rights. That changed when marriage traditionalists decided to turn their spears away from the forces that weakened marriage and point them instead at Americans who wished to help them celebrate it. Thankfully some are beginning to see the hypocrisy in that... Blankenhorn, previously an outspoken foe of gay marriage, did an about-face last year and has since dedicated himself to building an alliance of pro-marriage gays and straights who are committed to strengthening the institution.

Subjects: Marriage, Gay marriage


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