Marriage Bashing a la Mode

John Leo, US News and World Report, 9/22/1997

One of the problems in trying to shore up the institution of marriage is that so many of the professionals who teach and write about it—counselors, therapists, academics, and popular authors—really don’t support marriage at all. Some depict it as archaic and inherently oppressive. Others give it tepid support as just one of many acceptable adult arrangements. Another study showing this trend will be released this week: “Closed Hearts, Closed Minds,” a report from the Council on Families, under the auspices of the Institute for American Values. The study analyzes 20 textbooks used to teach about marriage and family in 8,000 college courses around the country. The report concludes that these books are “a national embarrassment,” offering “a determinedly bleak view of marriage” as “more of a problem than a solution.”

Subject: Marriage


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