Casino amendment draws opposition

Karen Dewitt, North Country Public Radio, 9/30/2013

David Blankenhorn runs the national think tank The Institute for American Values. He's been conducting a study looking at claims made by Governor Cuomo and the legislature about the benefits New Yorkers could reap by permitting up to seven new gambling casinos in New York State. Supporters of the amendment say the plan for four new casinos upstate could spur $1 billion dollars in economic development. Blankenhorn says that number comes from a lobby group, the New York Gaming Association, not independent studies, and he predicts that the opposite will occur. "There's not a single independent study that shows casinos contribute to economic growth," said Blankenhorn. "Because they don't create anything of value, and they divert energy, time and money from the productive to the non productive sectors of society."

Subjects: Gambling, Casinos, New York


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