More Gambling A Bad Bet For Connecticut

Robert Steele and Tony Hwang, The Hartford Courant, 10/14/2013

Now a study of government-sponsored casino gambling was just published by The Council on Casinos, an independent, nonpartisan group of scholars assembled by the Institute for American Values, a New York based nonprofit whose mission is "to study and strengthen civil society." "From time to time," the council states "a new institution takes root across the country, and in doing so changes the nation – changes the physical landscape of communities, impacts the patterns and habits of daily life, affects citizens' and communities' economic outcomes, and even alters relationships" among its citizens. That is what casinos are doing, according to the study. States' hunger for casino revenue creates a host of problems, from fostering gambling addiction to draining wealth from lower-income people and contributing to economic inequality in America.

Subjects: Gambling, Casinos


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