When Daddy's Name is Donor

Maggie Gallagher, RealClearPolitics, 6/3/2010

As many as 1 percent of all children born in America are created by reproductive technology, and yet few people have bothered to ask that question. Until now. Thanks to an extraordinary new report just released by the Institute for American Values, "My Daddy's Name Is Donor," we can now begin to look for answers. The groundbreaking study by Elizabeth Marquardt, Norval Glenn and Karen Clark looks at almost 500 young adults created by donor insemination. Forty-five percent of these young adults conceived by donor insemination agree, "The circumstances of my conception bother me." Almost half report that they think about their donor conception a few times a week or more. Forty-five percent agree, "It bothers me that money was exchanged in order to conceive me."

Subjects: Family, Donor conception


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