First US study of attitudes towards donor conception published

Antony Blackburn-Starza, BioNews, 6/10/2010

A study into the attitudes of donor-conceived siblings has been published in the US. Said to be the first US empirical study of its kind, the report's authors - from The Commission on Parenthood's Future - surveyed nearly 500 donor-conceived adults aged between 18 and 45 aiming to feed into international debate on the ethics, meaning, and practice of donor conception... Elizabeth Marquardt, co-author of the report and director of the Center for Marriage and Families at the Institute for American Values, said that the debate around reproductive technologies is 'dominated by adults' rights: the rights of same-sex couples, the rights of infertile adults, the rights of singles' and that children's interests are given insufficient weight. '[W]e also have to hear and respond to children's pain when they lose the ability to grow up with their own mom and dad, whether it's due to donor conception, or parental abandonment, or divorce', she said.

Subjects: Family, Donor conception


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