Donor offspring, like other fatherless children, face a lifetime of challenges

Randy Hicks, The Daily Tribune, 8/16/2010

The Commission's study titled, "My Daddy's Name is Donor," investigated the experiences and wellbeing of nearly 500 adults who were conceived through a sperm donor. Its findings are thorough and fascinating, yet sad and disturbing, too. They refute the notion that underlies the clichés parroted by Aniston (and numerous others) that how we form our families doesn't really matter much... Many of them struggle with their origin and identity as it relates to their family relationships. They often view them with confusion, distress and a feeling of loss. Two-thirds believe "My sperm donor is half of who I am," and three-quarters wonder "what my sperm donor's family is like." Yet most are concerned that their sperm donor would be angry or hurt if they try to reach out to them.

Subjects: Family, Donor conception


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