"Thrift" is one of world's most importanat concepts and a vital idea for the 21st century. It's also frequently misunderstood. Thrift comes from the word "thrive" and can mean:

  • The fact or condition of thriving or prospering
  • Means of thriving
  • Prosperous growth, physical thriving
  • Savings, earnings, gains, profit
  • That which is saved
  • Economical management, economy

–From the Oxford English Dictionary

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Our vision is to provide high-quality thrift education to every young American, through schools, youth-serving organizations, libraries, houses of worship, financial services organizations, and thrift stores.

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Industry earns.
Economy manages.
Prudence plans.
Frugality saves.
Generosity gives.
Thrift earns, manages, plans, saves, and gives.

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